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Fading Silently
.wav download DTS 5.1 Digital Surround format

    what it is: it's often ignored that 5.1 DTS Digital Surround music (higher quality than Dolby Digital) can exists also on normal cds, not only dvds. Like any other audio cd, you burn a DTS-CD yourself with uncompressed .WAV audio files. What differs is that DTS-WAV files contain 6 discrete channels (for surround) instead of two (for normal stereo), encoded at 16bit 44.1Khz. More info from Wikipedia about DTS-CD format.
We are offering an exclusive download, high quality DTS 5.1 surround, that you can easily burn on normal cd and play on almost any home theatre system or dvd player, and enjoy the surround mix of Fading Silently from Nosound album A Sense Of Loss! It's not a rip from the dvd, this file was encoded directly from original surround mix tracks!

    instructions: click below and download the zipped file (about 80mb). Unzip it in a folder (it will be a .wav file), open your favourite cd/dvd burning program, create a new blank audio cd, and drag the .wav file so that it will be the unique track of the audio cd. Insert a normal cdr into your cd/dvd writer, burn the cd (try to avoid speed more than 16x), when finished put the cd it into your home theatre and it will recognize there's a DTS audio playing. That's all!

(download will automatically start, if not working disable your firewall or allow contents from this website)

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    warnings: we are offering this download as is, we can't offer any support or responsibility for correct use or misuse of this download. The high variety of computer platforms, hardware/software combinations and compatibility issues with home theatre systems doesn't allow us to offer any support or guarantee. We extensively tested the download and it's a common format, it will work on the vast majority of cases. If any problem please try also looking on the internet for possible solutions and help. With small effort or the help of a friend it will work!
If you try playing the file on your computer, if your dvd player is not DTS compatible or if anything else went wrong, you will hear a loud pink noise that can potentially damage your speakers! So please take care and if not sure start listening at a very low volume.